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Targets in the New Zealand Waste Strategy: 2006 Review of Progress

March 2007; Ref: ME802

The New Zealand Waste Strategy was published in March 2002 as a long-term strategy to help reduce and better manage waste in New Zealand.

The Strategy contains 30 aspirational targets for improved waste management, waste minimisation and resource efficiency. The 2006 review of the Strategy’s targets found that the foundations for minimising and managing waste in new Zealand have been laid and that good progress has been made on meeting the Strategy’s objectives.

Progress against the Strategy targets has been variable and more work needs to be done. The review also found that some of the targets were out of date or unmeasurable and they need to be changed. To ensure the Strategy remains relevant and reflects the government’s new waste policies, some targets will be reviewed once the Waste Minimisation (Solids) Bill has been passed.



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